Skills Of A Wedding Planner

Skills of a Wedding Planner:

A wedding planner communicates

  • The majority of a wedding planner’s time is communicating with just about everyone–the bride, the groom, wedding vendors, wedding guests, etc. Wedding planners spend an unbelievable amount of time with their brides, sometimes communicating every single day! Communication is key to having a well planned out wedding and making activities run smoothly and on time.

A wedding planner manages budgets

  • One of the top priorities of a wedding planner is to create a workable budget, making sure the clients remain financially on track and they get the most from their budget.

A wedding planner is creative

  • Nobody wants their wedding to look like all the others they’ve been to. It’s up to the wedding planner to be the creative genius that wows the clients with one-of-a-kind ideas. The wedding planner puts a spin on the trends and ideas that the clients see around them and then apply these ideas to the event.

A wedding planner is resourceful

  • A wedding planner needs to create a wedding that the clients will never forget, no matter the size of the budget. The resources that a wedding planner uses can and should make a wedding feel as if no expense was spared.

A wedding planner pays attention to detail

  • Every detail that has been planned is of utmost importance to the wedding planner. There is a reason for each detail and why it was incorporated into the wedding day. Therefore, the smallest detail cannot be overlooked or ignored.

A wedding planner is organized

  • Being organized and developing systems is one of the wedding planner skills to guarantee that every base is covered. Every small detail can make all the difference in the world for such an important event. As the wedding plans progress, it’s the wedding planner’s job to remind the clients of what needs to happen and when.

A wedding planner remains calm

  • Weddings are very personal events. Even with the help of a planner, stress can still set in. It is the wedding planner’s job to help the bride and the rest of the bridal party to remain calm and in control. The wedding planner is the individual that calms everyone else’s nerves.